Decay – Maggots Consuming Cranial Contents Lyrics

Maggots Consuming Cranial Contents Lyrics

Vital cranium smashed, vile colonized
Lifeless decapitated head, severed body
Torso torn and mangled, raw muscle tissue exposed
Cannibalistic violence, disfigurement

Maggots infest

Corpse rotting, pyosisifying

Verminous mass lusting to consume, consume the necrotic flesh
Vulgarly digesting, dead tissue
Nothing but relics, left to decompose
Cranial tissue overally devoured by swarms

Maggots consume cranial tissue

Vile vulgar worms, defiling the dead maids
Maggots birthing in cranial cavity, colony

Rotting rapidly, decomposing
Cranial insides, devoured

Maggots consume cranial tissue

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