Nick Colletti – Shamoo Lyrics (feat. Lil Xan, Ghostemane & Keeley)

[Intro: Lil Xan]
Should I like start uh, when the beat drop, or in the beginning?
f**k it, we can-
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: Lil Xan]
This old bitch
She roll
She chant
Rolled up in the bent
Roll up
Get your head
Hands up on the shit
Load up
Get the clips
No love in this bitch
Throw hope in this bitch
I feel A1
With a boy like a Bush
That nas’
That nas’
That’s all filled up
Need love, need home
Need fun, need ho’s
Slit throat, kill boss
Slit wrist, kill ho’s

[Verse 2: Ghostemane]
Grab the Mac
Put it back and grab a bat
Sippin’ on that Henny Black
Splat on a bitch back
Ran up out the back to scrap
But I’m gonna dip back to the pad in my dirty white Vans, ayy
Eenie, meenie, miney, moe
I catch a thotty by her throat
Grip it till she yelling all out but don’t let her go, ayy
Ate a eight
Now I’m living on another plane
f**king with my brain
I’ll never be the same

[Verse 3: Nick Colletti]
Rick Ross (Rick Ross)
Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss)
Quite cryin’ (Quite cryin’)
Hot sauce (Hot sauce)
Big Rocks (Big Rocks)
Little dick (Little dick)
Bad bitch (Bad bitch)
Super thick (Super thick)
I’m just been chillin’ on my own
Home alone
Al Capone (Al Capone)
Give a dog a boner (Boner)
Stoner (Stoner)
Yeah, I’m a iPhone owner (Owner)
Bitch (Bitch)

[Outro: Nick Colletti]
Lil Xan

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