Desdamona – The Source Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Lullabies linger like lollipops on luscious lips
I grab the mic but it slips from my grip
Sticks like the sweet to my tooth cavities
Like gravity, capture me, pull me back to eternity
My wisdom focused on the future, grasped to the past
Got to hold on make that goodness last
Contrast is twisted, static, plastic misfits
Invade my vision, ascension apprehended
Resurrection fades to oblivion
True and living ones
Set to crucifixion by the light of the sun
There’s only one love and there’s only one light
365 division but there’s only one fight
So put down your map and set your own course
And if you get lost remember love

Yeah, love is the source
Love is the light
Love is the reason
So love your life
Love is the source
Love is the light
Love love is the reason
So love your life
Love love love

[Verse 2]
Depressants be manic and panic is drastic
These kids sniff candy for the magic, tragic
Pandemic narcotic is caustic they drop it
To rocket, the cosmic, motion makes them nauseous
Not cautious of consequence, palpable evidence
It drains remains of the innate sixth sense
Hence forth we shall be the children chemically dependent
Stimulant mastering, reshaping the remnants
Of the beauty we used to be, yes possess
Rotten to the core when we used to be fresh
We used to be fresh
We used to connect
We used to be love and we used to respect
We used to know life and we used to protect
We used to be conscious of the things we ingest

[Verse 3]
Synthetic static wreaks havoc on the innocent
Rhetoric spastic bleeds panic power negligent
Intelligent showers manic sees plastic magic
Relevant hour frantic plea passive stagnant
What’s really going down?
What’s going down?
Epidemic spreads wide, force of the magnet
Evident contusions, it’s no coincidence
Prevalent loss of hope, slip knots the rope
Strange fruit hung from dysfunctional family tree
Carbon monoxide killing us inside
Blind to the signs while our eyes are open wide
I can’t see you can’t see me
And we content to walk this earth blindly
Remember love
Remember light
Remember reason
Remember life

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