Jason Saul – For The Ride Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You hate to hear the truth
You tell me all your lies
Your body looking froze
Whats running through your mind
You looking like you did me like
Larsa did Pippen
Tried to guide in the right
But you went left
Guess i was thinking bigger
Yeah i got that Diddy ambition
I want a life
Thats not easy to obtain
I got that vision
Long distance Aaron Rodgers
Hail mary
I’m taking all my chances this ain’t court
There ain’t no jury
I control my own destiny
I look foolish to you
But with this want there comes a need
And with that need i plant a seed
And with that seed I’m gonna grow
Under gods will ima blow
Ill be given everything
I’m owed
Manifesting on my own
I got that walk don’t need that talk
When you providing life examples
Jason Saul is an authentic
I never came off as a sample
You spit shit that means nothing
So hows that going for you
I just follow my heart
You just seek to fall through

[Verse 2:]
This is for the ride
I got the vibes you gotta coast to
See what I’m becoming
And i love to say i told you
Moved out to the west coast
Still va forever
I will never count out family
With my fam ill count out cheddar
Got no option with my image
I can only be myself
Right now Danny only knows it
Pretty soon the world as well
I know people hating still
I can only wish them well
I know where my life is going
Kept my head up through the hell
I’ve been playing at 100
Still they question like
Im A.I
While you pay promotion i do me
I’m self devoted
Ill be loved for my honesty
While the fake ones go ghost
I got some heart for this music
While you’ve been playing yourself
Seen progression through the
Bad weather then i got
Some sunlight
Songs i dropped in 13′
Now i got my flow right
Things are looking up nowadays
I’m never down
Seasons changing people too
Lets see who sticks around…

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