Jonathan Jones – For Better Or Worse Lyrics

For better or worse
One day you’ll learn
There’s nothing more cruel
Than when a love is not returned
You give it away and get nothing back
One minute it beats
And then, the next it is attacked

She’ll move you along
But it won’t mean a thing
Wrapped around her finger
Only when she’s wanted in
She said we’ll decide
What tomorrow’s gonna bring
You long for her to sing to you
A song she’ll never sing
In a different time
In a different place
You’ll find someone
Who’s able to replace
How long will I have
How long must I wait
To find someone
Who wants to give and not just take

It’s the name on the list
Of those who assist
If ever she’s feeling lonely
She’ll build you up
And knock you down
With no one to break your fall


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