Mogli The Iceburg – Tumultu Lyrics

[Intro: nobigdyl.]
Tribe on the move

[Verse 1: Mogli]
2017 and the earth is filled with violence
Turmoil creepin in the mindstate
The media been tryin to start a race war
While the rich still unaffected by the crime rate
Irate citizens are in the street demanding change
But none of us agree on what to change to
Im sittin here just plottin on a move while the fam
Steady prayin that this industry don’t change you
And I ain’t finna compromise nothin
People said I’m switchin sides but yall frontin
Homie you don’t really know my heart
This my work and I’ma do this thing with all my might
Boy thats on my life
You don’t like the things I’m sayin in my music
You don’t have to listen when I’m speakin on it
If I’m promising you one thing that you can expect from me
I guarantee you I’mma always keep it honest
Yeah, Indie tribe you know we’ve been up on it yeah
Chewin up every single opponent, yeah
But who’s my competition but my brothers
Jealousy has gotten into me comparing me to another
When I see their accomplishments and accolades
I get jaded but I keep it hidden from my face
Cause I don’t want the world to see me as I really am
A self-righteous hypocrite thats always throwin shade, yeah
On January first of every year I open up my bible
And I always say I’m gonna talk to God more
By January fifth I hit Leviticus
And then I start to question everything that I believe in God for
By January 10th I put it down
And drown in doubt I’m down and out
Convinced that I have fallen out of grace now
Then I remember when You showed my Your face
The world is hungry for Your love and I’ve been runnin in place
So now I’m askin for Your help to get me back in this race
And I’mma speak my testimony just to give em a taste
Of what Your freedom really like before I hear it’s too late
Cause I got homies droppin dead from all these pills that they take
Ayo this thing an epidemic you can’t fathom the rate
And all rappers on the radio stay movin that weight
And I won’t hesitate to call you out when I know you’re fake
That goes to Future Juicy J and all the rest of you lames, yeah
If I had started making music just so I could get wealthy
I’d have gone to law school so Donald Trump would expel me
Then I’d sue the government in hopes that it would propel me
On my Zach De La Rocha, I won’t do what you tell me
Got a lot of hatred in my heart I need y’all to help me
I need you to pray for me, I need you to check me
Cause when I see my sin as God does it wrecks me
And I need that perspective up in my life to correct me
If racism dead, why are churches segregated?
This the land of the free
But lead the world in incarcerated citizens
With the minimum sentences
Still a remnant of the thing we thought we changed with the 13th amendment
We still growin, still movin
We stay steady, we go through it
We ain’t losin and y’all knew it
Don’t see the world in the same way I used to
The current state is tumultu

(Splash into water)
People say that drowning is actually a really peaceful way to die. It’s not difficult to see why. After the shock and hysteria passes, after fluids finally fill your lungs as you struggle to hold your breath, a certain serenity takes hold after you surrender. But you don’t die immediately, you become numb. And the longer that you’re under, the more you forget what could have been. And you lose perspective on what’s about to happen

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