Rhakim Ali – Freefalling (Outro) Lyrics

Thank you (x3)
We done came a long way man, for real
I just wanna say happy birthday to my father
Rest in peace
There’s not a lot like us left

[Verse 1]
I remember losing days of sleep
Crying, trying to figure out my way of life
I wiped my tears
And caught a glimpse of the greater sight
This debt to society comes with a major price
So when I get my cards, I’ll be damned if I don’t play em right
Told momma I’d be the greatest alive
And if I die during, then I’ll be the greatest who tried
Miscalculated the weight of my pride
Shit was holding me down
I take the crown and try to shape it to size
Them late night thoughts, they keep me up
Who should I love? Who should I trust?
Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much?
Should I let my feelings out?
Or should I keep them inside until they bust?
Niggas is dying in my hood over stupid shit
It’s ludicrous, body counts becoming numerous
I ain’t new to this
Getting revenge, you better off cliff jumping
Thinking that killing the killer is gonna fix something
My brother had a kid this year
I was trying to shift gears this year
But I done broke up with my ex
Done graduated, so I shed a couple tears this year
But know it’s over, no more fears this year
They ask me who I do it for, I said
My moms, my pops, my peoples
The ones in jail, the ones who got shot, my Eagles
The gays, the trans, the dealers and the junkies
The ill-fated, the lucky, the good, bad, and ugly
The young, the old, the dumb, and the bold
The ones that’s hot, the ones that’s cold
The dark the brights, the pawns and the knights
The ones that wanna give up, the ones that wanna fight
I don’t discriminate, you see
Cause I know if the tables turn, y’all gonna do it for me
Gotta pay my respect when it’s required
Ten toes down when I’m walking through the fire
Time heals, but some parts stay numb
See how the smart play dumb
While other niggas lose they heart for a crumb
It ain’t hard to lose your heart where I’m from
In the park, after dark
Kids’ll play you like a harp or a drum
It’s like I grabbed it all
Done traveled far despite the battle scars
I just dust it away and laugh it off
Executive piece authored by yours truly
We just trying to get the M’s like the blood and gore movies
It’s all groovy

Yeah, you know what I’m saying
It’s all good man
It’s enough for everybody man
I’m trying to make sure everybody eat you know what I’m saying
Can’t satisfy everybody though, you know
Trying to make every moment count, for real

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