Rhakim Ali – Glory Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This rap shit is not your cup of tea
You need to find another discovery, you’re outnumbered
They found you in a muffler under a Jeep
Shit is utterly disgusting to me
You niggas never wanted war with us
Quick to pull your strings like we was getting off the bus
Plus, the smooth edges are now rough
Stomp the crown into chunks
Next time you won’t walk around with your head ducked
I’m at a height
You niggas ain’t even half as nice
Everybody’s a goat until it’s time for a sacrifice
I take a stab at life, visualize the havoc that I grab in sight
Pass the knife and it’s back to the cabbage and rice
Let’s take a crack at that
And put 3 on your melon like Chance, the Rapper hats
Moving weight like I’m grappling Shaq, immaculate
You claim you nice but that fact is a little inaccurate
Shoot the bubble, look at the numbers
It’s like a scored a quadruple-double
You fools need to get in a group and huddle
The soul is close to nothing, punch you in the chest
Have your shoulders touching
Cobra clutching golden moments with no discussion
The blood in your nose is gushing

Let’s see if you top 5 niggas can do this, man

[Verse 2]
You’re falling deep
We ain’t going straight off what you speak
Clearing off the streets, me and Speig move like Harlem Heat
Armed to the teeth, my stardom’s so hard to reach
Proceed with caution and beg your pardon when you talking to me
I’m known to damage hammies and quads
I ain’t with the fishiness, so you can spare me the cod
Compare me to God ?
The strand of monotony is foolish
I’ll blow your whole crew into ruins
I’m only 18 don’t ask for the age again
Drop 100 coming off the bench when I play the pen
Take your team out of they misery
Make them hesitant about playing
Like they coming off of an injury
Scoring the winning victory, it ain’t a mystery
But when you come up missing, then it ain’t amidst to me
Making history, while you out here dangling from a Christmas tree
It’s kinda sick to me

Reverend X: You know me don’t me you ?
Woman: Hell no, I don’t want you
Reverend X: You don’t know me then shame on you goddamned ass then. Shit, bitch give a f**k what you thinking. f**k your thoughts. I’m God, and bitch you not

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