Son Kuma – With My Woes Lyrics

Verse 1:
I can’t even sleep
Will I ever wake up?
All you’ve done is leave
And all you do is break stuff
Break stuff
Baby we should make up
But you hate us
So you wanna break up
All this Fake Love
Got me bumping Drake stuff
In Marvin’s room do you know yourself?
I feel no ways and I hold the L cus

Chorus 1:
I’m running through the 6 with my woes
I ain’t falling for no bitches or no hoes
All these women in they feelings think I love em when I don’t
I’m a heartless mothaf**ka
Starvin artist on the come up

Verse 2:
I ain’t got no time for lovers by myself for all of summer
Something I discovered I can live my life in comfort
Cus I suffered when I wondered If I loved her or was under a spell of sorts cus I was smothered
God damn I wish I was tougher
Took a shot at the buzzer
Shes finna block my new number
Some other nigga just cuffed her
Dont know if Ima recover
Shes always on my mind
Lost my will to fight
Hurts the most to write
Lost in space and time
Nothings black and white
I saw her face tonight
Cus I don’t really know If she is really gone
Am I not really stoked If she finally moved on
And yes I’m all alone so I’m gonna go home
Don’t f**k with me tonight in my zone

Chorus 2:
I’m running through the 6 with my woes
I’m not picking up my phone for no one
Gotta pass so go long
Cut some dreads and go blond
Ballin like frank ocean
I should drop some more songs

Chorus 3:
I’m running through the 6 w my woes
I ain’t falling for no bitches or no hoe oh, ohs
I loved you, I loved you so much
Cus I loved you, I need you
Would never leave you, never lead you on should keep you gone
Maybe in my dreams we can be together be together

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