Split Prophets – Tung Fu Lyrics


As I’ve said before, modern life in the city is full of hidden dangers. Why are we here? We are here to learn how to defend ourselves against these dangers. This week we’re gonna be looking at how you can use the negative energy of a would be assailant, and turn it into a positive force, for your own self-defence. In other words turning their aggression, to our advantage

If you’d all like to split into pairs please
I don’t wanna see any Jackie Chan bollocks
I wanna see some windmilling in, and if you’ve got a set of keys on you stick ’em in your hand and make them count!

[Verse 1]


Kick or punch stuck up kids that front
It’s up front
And that kid with mad scripts that bump
Rip that skunk
Into tiny pieces at once
And start smoking ’til your choking on massive bits of your lungs
f**k it
We’re gunna die before our time is due
That’s why we keep getting so f**ked
That our mind is screwed
And you should keep your mouth shut if you think this guy is rude
If I was you I’d think twice before you try to ignite a feud
Cos there’s no going back
Once you wage war with us
You’ll get crushed
And get trampled on the stage floor
Who’s bars are you spitting because they ain’t yours
We bring original hip-hop
Stay raw
So make sure you train for it
Cos what you say’s boring
Get up on the stage and all the fakes forfeit
Weed, music and girls
That’s how my brain orbits
3-6-5 days of the year
I’m made for this

[Verse 2]

Kick and punch stuck up kids that front
Its up front
And that kid with mad scripts that bump
We bitch slap chumps
That proceed to spit wack junk
And burn diesel in the middle of this big fat dump
Delicate bitches get their piss-flaps pumped
By big bad cunts
That kick back and bring that funk
We baffle backwards talking kids at once
And stay smoking ’til we’re choking on big black lungs
So hit that blunt
And “shh shh”
When we recite scriptures
That entice listeners
For them its like Christmas
Weed, music and gin
Yeah that’s a nice mixture
And I consume it excessively
‘Til my mind blisters
And there ain’t no going back
When you start static
But you can’t back it
We bring the pressure you can’t manage
S-P family tree yo
We aren’t slacking
3-6-5 days of the year
We’re hard at it


When you’re ready, come at me

Come one then you f**king slag!
You f**king want some!?

[Verse 3]


Punch and kick kids front up that’s rich
It’s up front
And that kid we tonk cunts that fit (?)
f**k that it’s
Time to make a skunk pipe spliff (?)
And breathe in
‘Til I feel like I’ve done acid
Cos only people who I’ve run tracks with
Are worthy spitters
The rest are bitter chumps that wish
They made it further than these scumbags did
But they aren’t massive
That’s why they’re hating all the stuff that’s big
We brung that piff
Causing fires like a struck matchstick
We don’t even need a sample
Just the drums that’s it
You’ll see the crowd all astounded
Like we done magic
Head ablaze bro grab the DJ tell him
“Bun that shit”
B’cuh I’m mad pissed
And he’s unsure that he does have this
Slap and abuse him cos he’s slacking
Like a dumb slag’s minge
You say you’re amazing but you’re, um, tragic
Been spitting for ages and I ain’t heard you once rap sick

[Verse 4]


Punch and kick kids front up that’s rich
It’s up front
And that kid
We tonk cunts that fit (?)
f**k fat lips
It’s time to kick off nuff madness
And if somebody tells you different switch and slump that bitch
Only people who I bust raps with
Are up to scratch
All you other cats can cut that shit
It’s terrorism when I clutch that mick
I mean mic
Got your face all screwed up like you just drank piss
Run that diss
I dare you blud
We’ll come back thick
Your whole gang will be kicking dust up like
“Bun that, dip”
Heavy (?) keeps us active
We talk bare shit but back it
So think twice when you weigh up that risk
Cos we be different to you punks that spit
You bitch-made
We f**k bitches that are attractive
If it ain’t funky I don’t touch that shit
That goes for pussy, money, weed and music man I love that shit

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