Antonov suggested that the United States “already now” start discussing the START-3 treaty

At present, the United States does not express readiness to resume a dialogue on strategic stability, Moscow calls for a discussion of this topic to begin now, RIA Novosti said. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov.

«In a few years— in 2026— it (the START-3 treaty) will expire. Is it in the national interests of the United States that we will not have contacts between the military, diplomats on strategic stability? I don't think so, — Antonov said

The Russian diplomat expressed confidence that in this case “time does not wait”, and the parties “should start working on what will replace it now.”

Russia and the United States concluded the START-3 treaty in 2010 for ten years, it entered into force in 2011. The agreement provided for the reduction of each of the parties deployed nuclear warheads to 1500, and intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles of submarines and strategic missile-carrying bombers— up to 700.

On February 5, 2021, the contract expired. The administration of former US President Donald Trump offered to connect China to it, but Russia refused. In January 2021, current US President Joe Biden submitted a proposal to extend START-3. In February 2021, the parties agreed to extend the contract for five years.

In early June, the State Department said that the United States wants the START-3 nuclear arms restrictions to be maintained after the expiration of the treaty. The US Foreign Office noted that although the provisions of START-3 were agreed against the background of “a different climate in relations with Russia”, the agreement remains in force.

The Russian Foreign Ministry previously reported that Moscow and Washington continue to engage in dialogue on restrictions on nuclear weapons. In particular, the parties continue to discuss START-3 and inspections, which the parties have suspended due to the pandemic.

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