American economist called the monstrous mistake of the United States in relation to Putin and Russia

The expert explained which economy should be compared with the Russian one.

Political analyst James Dore said on a YouTube show that the US government made the mistake of thinking Russian President Vladimir Putin's words about Russia's economic power – this is a bluff.

According to him, eight years ago, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina said that economically Russia was comparable to Italy, and it is not clear how the president manages to win poker with such weak cards.< /p>

The expert bluntly stated that at the moment the ruble is becoming “the most reliable currency in the world”, – the expert repeated these words twice, focusing the attention of the channel's subscribers on this.

He believes that in the economic confrontation with the West, Russia wins, because its opponents had to face the opposite effect of the imposed sanctions – rising fuel and food prices around the world.

“It is extremely rare for the West to make such monstrous mistakes in evaluating economies”, — RIA Novosti quotes Dora.

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A more correct comparison, which the United States did not make, would be if they compare the economy of the Russian Federation with Japan or Germany. Therefore, an attempt to abruptly break off cooperation with this country led to the restructuring of the entire world market.

Recall, as Topnews wrote, the sanctions turned into problems for Europe and the United States, where fuel prices rose to a record high.

In Moscow, the introduced economic measures are called a previously unprecedented war. According to Vladimir Putin, the goal of the West – deteriorating living conditions of millions of people.

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