Reuters learned about the “dead end” in the supply of Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine from the United States

The Pentagon fears that the expensive Gray Eagle drones could get to the opposing forces of the Armed Forces, the sale of drones to Kyiv has been suspended, sources told Reuters. The deal provided for Ukraine to receive four UAVs

Drone Gray Eagle

The process of selling U.S. MQ-1 °C Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine has been suspended due to Pentagon fears that the drones could fall into the hands of opposing forces, Reuters reports citing two informed sources.

Objection to the deal put forward by the Department of Defense Technology Security of the US military, the agency writes, this division is engaged in ensuring the security of expensive technologies so that they do not end up with an undesirable party.

The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly turned to the United States and other Western countries with a request for more modern weapons. The request to sell the Gray Eagle was made, in particular, at the end of April. Washington has already sent Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drones to Kyiv, but Ukrainian authorities are interested in Gray Eagle and Reaper due to the ability of these drone models to travel a considerable distance at high altitude and reload.

As Politico wrote, the Ukrainian authorities have already been negotiating the purchase of Gray Eagle with their manufacturer— General Atomics, however, such a deal falls under the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), which restricts their supply. Some US partners, including Qatar and Indonesia, were previously unable to obtain the Gray Eagle and Reaper, the newspaper noted. As of early June, the Pentagon had been discussing the transfer of Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine for several weeks, unnamed sources told Reuters.

In early June, Politico sources at the Pentagon and experts interviewed expressed doubt that Ukrainian forces would start using the Gray Eagle in combat anytime soon due to logistical and military training issues. To use drones of this type, it is necessary to undergo training for several months, depending on the configuration, the interlocutors of the newspaper indicated. At the same time, the manufacturing company General Atomics admitted that the training process for the Ukrainian military could be reduced due to “urgent needs”; Kyiv.

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