Das Racist – Amazing Lyrics

[Verse 1: Heems]
I ain’t wavy, man I’m an ocean
Basic unit of life, Heems is a photon
I’m Don King, I gets my promote on
I’m smooth, you rappers need lotion
I’m amazing, people laugh at my jokes
And hand me they smoke with blunts in the same bag
Pre-rolled, they roll, that’s how we roll
All cause we rap about weed
I don’t do that dog, I rap about me
And I ain’t splashy, I am the sea
I spark grapes, I am the tree
I’m stickball, manhunt, salugi
I’m fourteen, puffin’ on loosies
I’m nineteen, smokin’ on loosies
I’m twenty-four, burnin’ these loosies
Used to play basketball, then we started drinkin’
Used to be thinkin’ like a young Dave Dinkins
Like a young Abe Lincoln in a cabin I be singin’
You can’t smell me? I’m stinkin’
I’m Hindu Kush I’m Hindu Thug
I’m drugs, I’m drums, I’m dubs, I’m love
So catch the vibe, ride with it
Kids do like fences with our shit: they pick it
Get it?, stick it to the man
Riding with a caravan a mans that’s from Pakistan

[Verse 2: Kool AD]
I’m in the future in Hawaii ghostwriting for your favorite rapper
Eating red snapper with grouper
Hanging with Mr. Cooper
Openin’ credits, hopin’ you get it
Oakland is proud
Look at the dark clouds, hard, loud
Soft and bulbous
Faster mascara snake wet generous
The kid could share a lake
Ellen DeGeneres
Type rug munchie with a scrunchie
Lotta haters wanna punch me, like a donkey
I’m Eddie Murphy in Shrek I’m complex
I’m Kanye in whiteface on the cover of Complex
Magazine. Is Lady Gaga a drag queen?
I’m Sage Francis on the cover of Beyond Race
Pee on face of any R. Kelly groupie
Type rage against machines on a spooky night
Kookie light do the right thing like Mookie might
Yo! MTV Raps cards on the spokes of my hooptie bike
Others is dookie type
Me I’m loopy type
Living the juicy life
Howser, Doogie-like
Younger brother I’m in the jungle mother
I’m in the jungle, Mama
It’s really happening
You can see me rapping and stuff
Yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 3: Lakutis]
With the old Nautica jacket from…
96 or something
This shit is fly though
I got the, the white racing stripe only on one side
Get ’em 12-year-old me
All cross color scheme, all across colors teams
Jerseys, ya heard me?
Timbos all butter bean
Butterface, but her waist move like a snake do
Chetton Hill, salad, three steak dude
I don’t wanna snake you
I just wanna copy and paste you
Take you and bathe with you, taste of you
Wait, are you able to give of the flesh like Abel do
Not able, Cain’ll do
Under dig, a feign’ll do
Just like, pretend you know what I’m talking about, you know
Rock yabba-dabba doo
Cut swagga dagga do
Swing vance bagga do
Good pig, that’ll do
Captain of this Kangaroo
OG commander of the starship, Pike before Kirk
Life before birth
Light before night, sight beyond sight
Eye of Thundera, fire burn better
Negra Modela, cardiac arresta
Best of the best, of the best, of the best, of the best ahh
Best of the best